Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bill O'Bold Stance  

For too long, those who sexually enslave children have been able to spin their views in the mainstream media. No longer - Bill O'Reilly has finally taken a bold stance against child sex slavery in his latest column.

Now, sex slavery actually is a very serious problem - don't get me wrong. But who according to Bill are some of the main culprits in allowing this to happen? First, per usual, he blames the ACLU - which he frequently refers to as a fascist organization on the same show in which he complains about the demonizing rhetoric of the far left. But then he blames...

"Federal judge Dennis Chin denied the FBI a warrant in the notorious "Candyman" Internet sting case. The feds busted a child porn website and secured the names of Americans who did business with it. They then asked various judges for warrants to search the homes and computers of said individuals. Chin said no, because he believed one could do business with child pornographers and not commit a criminal act."

Why would O'Reilly single out one federal judge for such ridicule? It couldn't have anything at all to do with the fact that this was the very same judge who dismissed (or, as many have said, literally laughed out of court) Foxnews's absurd defamation lawsuit against Al Franken, could it?

I know it's easy to go after Bill O'Reilly - but night after night he complains about those who engage in character assassination against their political opponents. Now, he's associating a judge who ruled against his employer in a case with child sex slavery. Nice.

(I will update this post later to describe an episode of The Factor where this very decision was discussed. Just to let you know - Chuck Norris is involved.)
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