Sunday, January 18, 2004

Cleland for VP = Good Idea 

This is such a good idea - from a comment on Daily Kos:

"Kerry's vice presidential pick: I have a hunch, and I want to go on record as the first to predict it: His good friend and fellow Nam Vet from the South... Former U.S. Senator Max Cleland of Georgia. Max may not win him Georgia, but he will turn other Southern states, possibly including North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Florida, into the blue zone."

Max Cleland as a VP candidate - he would be perfect for any Democrat. Dean/Cleland? Edwards/Cleland? All possible... I wonder if he's at all interested. (He has been campaigning for Kerry and they are apparently friends.)

Also - would Kerry be VP timber at all? Dean/Kerry? Gephardt/Kerry? I just think after this campaign that only legitimate VP candidate now running is Edwards - but Kerry might not be bad, especially if he picks up significant support in the primaries. I would hope that John Edwards would be the Attorney General in a Democratic administration.
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