Tuesday, January 06, 2004

An e-mail from Goldberg... 

...who will be returning from his business trip, er, ski trip shortly.

"On inside politics, judy is talking to the CNN reporter who follows the dean campaign. The reporter was talking about how Dean is moving to the center, finally, by talking about balanced budgets and gun rights.

Well, f$#@ me, but hasn't dean been talking about these "centrist" issues for months?"

Indeed, Goldberg is correct. In fact, Dean also governed for years as a centrist. He hasn't staked out any position that will prevent him from running as a centrist - except possibly taxes, but he has remained fairly non-committal about any specific plans. Dean's genius has been an ability to appeal to the Democratic base with sensible, centrist, practical solutions. That is why he will win the nomination, and that is why he will beat George Bush.
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