Monday, January 19, 2004

Go to Drudge... 

tonight. The caucuses start at 6:30 CT - by 7:00 or before, the networks will probably be able to call the winner, or at least make a very good guess, from entrance polls. I'm not sure if they'll report it - probably not. But Drudge will - he has sources in newsrooms. (He called the California election while voting was still taking place.)

This is one reason I am not all anti-Drudge. How weird is that the networks have knowledge of news, and yet report news on the same subject to you as if they don't have this knowledge? I watched coverage of the California election in disbelief as the anchors pretended not to know what they clearly did know, and which they announced as soon as the polls closed.

Caucuses are a wild card, obviously, but for the most part - with one tiny exception I can think of a few years ago - network entrance/exit polling is pretty reliable.
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