Friday, January 02, 2004

More Marshall on Plame 

Along these same lines, Josh Marshall continues to intimate that everyone whose anyone in Washington knows who the leaker is. (See Atrios's post and comments on this if, like me, you aren't "in" enough to know what he's talking about.) Oddly, Marshall has in one day demonstrated the best and worst aspects of talkingpointsmemo.com - on one hand, he is just plain smarter than almost everyone else who writes about these issues. On the other hand, there is an annoying "insiderness" to his blog - constant reminders that he knows a whole bunch of self you don't know and that he won't let you in on it until he's sure you can handle it. If Marshall knows who the leaker is, why doesn't he sack up and tell us?

(And, not for nothing, there has always been an anti-Dean undercurrent in Marshall's posts - what a shock that he would be against the only viable candidate in the primary who has genuine anti-Washington establishment credentials.)

(Again, though, let me reemphasize to all three of our readers that Josh Marshall has probably the best blog on the web right now. Almost all of the time it's just really, really, really good.)
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