Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Please read this. Read what is a major "scandal" these days. Once, six years ago, Howard Dean signed an affidavit for his friend, a state trooper in his security detail, who was involved in a custody dispute. In it, he said that he was a good parent and that he trusted him. Few years later, it turns out the man was charged with domestic abuse. He was removed from Dean's security detail. Three months later he was fired.

In other words, once Dean found out the man was abusive, he fired him. (Or, rather, the state fired him.) The man states clearly he was probably treated worse because of his association with Dean. All of the lawyers involved are identified as "Dean supporters."

What the fuck is this? What in the hell does this mean? Why is this now the main story on ABC "News"'s web site? I know nothing at all about this case except what I just read in this article, and it appears to totally exonerate Dean. Not exonerate him - it's true, Dean made a mistake when he believed his friend, who said he did not abuse his wife. The man himself states: if Dean had known, he'd have fired him. Perhaps it was questionable to insert himself into this case as governor, but front page news? And why is ABC mysteriously releasing this story now? Howard Dean has been running for President for over a year.

Atrios has posted about this - sensationalistic headlines, with no real story. But most people probably only read the headlines - and the first few paragraph. This will surely cost Dean votes. (Though voters did respond favorably to sexual assault charges launched against Governor Arnold in Cal.)

I have to get back to work. This just makes me sick.
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