Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Paul O'Neil 

Mr. O'Neil's criticisms of the President are the greatest thing he has done since he started for the 1990 Cincinnati Reds Wire to Wire World Series Champions.

Of course, the smear campaign is now in full effect and the charges won't stick with those who weren't prone to believing them anyway. But one thing good will come out of this - Republicans are being forced to admit that plans have been in place for a long time to invade Iraq - since Clinton, as a matter of fact. Anyone with any sort of intelligence already knew this, but now everyone is being forced to admit this, over and over again, on the record, less than a year before Bush's reelection. This is good, because it could end the myth that attacking Iraq had anything at all to do with the World Trade Centers. In fact, it didn't. It was something that people in the US have wanted to do since before September 11 - and now they are forced to admit that.
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