Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Personal Attack and a Diatribe 

A good friend of ours recently referred to this blog as "the saddest thing he's ever seen." I admit, it is pathetic and sad. However, Goldberg, I ask you - is it as sad as this friend's continued insistence that the impeachment of Bill Clinton wasn't about sex? What could be sadder than an otherwise brilliant person clinging to the fantasy that his party didn't go on a sexual witch hunt a few years ago when this sexual witch hunt occurred every day in front of the entire country?

BTW, even though it dominated the national discourse for two years, I still feel that the President being impeached and put on trial in the Senate because he got a blow job and came on a blue dress is still underrated. I think that a few years from now, the entire country is going to collectively think - "Holy shit - that happened" and break into collective hysterics. I mean, holy shit - that happened.
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