Friday, January 16, 2004


This is a President with very little regard for Democracy. There, I said it.

While were at it, my take on the filibusters. Republicans are sort of going crazy over this, and I admit the filibuster isn't the greatest gift ever granted to Democracy. (Though it makes some sense - it takes away some of the power inequitably given to smaller states.) But it's not like Democrats are filibustering everything - and it's not like George Bush hasn't been able to get his agenda passed. On one issue the Democrats have taken a stand - because it is very important to them and their constituents. (Especially women, many of whom like the idea that the government can't tell them what to do with their own bodies.) Has George Bush compromised? Has he sought out advice from the Democrats in the Senate about which judges would be acceptable candidates? No, he hasn't and he won't - because he is a radical conservative.

Certain readers of this blog who clerk for certain federal judges may take offense to this, but when Bush stated during campaign 2000 that Justices Thomas and Scalia were ideal Justices he revealed himself to be far out of line with mainstream America. This could be one reason why more Americans voted for Al Gore. And so, on this one issue, the Democrats took a stand. I say, good for them.
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