Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What's Wrong With People?  

Apparently, visits to aquariums are up in the wake of Finding Nemo.

So, I guess a lot of families are having this conversation. "Dad, I really liked that movie!" "Husband, I liked it as well - what a heart warming story about a dad whose wife dies and whose son is kidnapped and forced to live in an aquarium where he spends all of his time trying to escape." " Yeah, thank God the son was barely able to escape the captivity of the aquarium and was reunited with his dad. If he hadn't escaped the aquarium, he would be separated from the only family he had ever loved, and he would never know the taste of freedom. I'm sure glad those fish were able to escape from the aquarium." "Honey, kids... we're going to an aquarium!"

Did visits to slaughterhouses go up after Babe came out?

In fairness, my mom informs me that after my first viewing of Bambi I wanted to "play hunter." But I'm a freak.

So I ask, what's wrong with people?
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