Sunday, February 22, 2004

Bin Laden Surrounded? 

Drudge links to this, probably untrue, article which claims that US Forces have located Bin Laden, are monitoring him by satelite, and are confident that he cannot escape.

But the article says this...

"The special forces are 'absolutely confident' there is no escape for bin Laden, and are awaiting the order to go in and get him.

'The timing of that order will ultimately depend on President Bush,' the paper says. 'Capturing bin Laden will certainly be a huge help for him as he gets ready for the election.'"

If Drudge wants to continue to be a right-wing attack dog, he'd better read the articles he links to. I'm pretty sure that if it's ever revealed that Bush timed the capture of Bin Laden to help his reelection, he will probably be impeached.

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