Monday, February 23, 2004

Common Sense 

Here's an example of a really dumb man sharing his opinion.

It's about The Passion, which I should be posting more about. Apparently, according to Mr. Cavuto, this a case of Hollywood Elites sneering at the values of everyday Americans. But that's not what anyone is saying - they're saying the movie is anti-Semitic. But not once in this article does he discuss whether the movie is anti-Semitic - he doesn't once address this criticism. So, I suppose what he is saying is that everyday Americans hate Jews and/or he is a complete moron.

A quote:

"Far easier is it for Tinseltown to make a mockery of priests than to say anything good about Christianity itself. But this isn't about Christians or priests or Buddhists or Jews. This is about one solitary life. And one horrible death."

This comes right after he notes that Hollywood "rightfully" praised Schindler's List and Philadelphia. What could he be getting at here?

(BTW, I would appreciate it if someone would read this and tell me if he's insinuating the death of Jesus was worse than the Holocaust or AIDS. He may be.)

UPDATE: And by the way, I don't know if this movie is anti-Semitic or not - I try not to judge things I haven't seen or read, unlike Christian Conservatives, for example. (That's an exaggeration: I apologize.) My only point is that he doesn't acknowledge in this article that this is what the criticism is about, and he doesn't acknowledge that if this criticism is accurate, Mel Gibson does deserve to be ostracized, not just by the liberal, Hollywood elite but by any good person.
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