Monday, February 16, 2004

Hannidate 2004 

This defies all attempts at parody or witty comments. You must see this for yourself.

UPDATE: This is written on the Hannidate page: "Welcome to Hannidate 2004, where you may find your perfect match through Hannity style romance."

What in God's name is Hannity style romance?

Theory: it involves passionately screaming "deliver me from evil, Sean! Deliver me from me from terrorism, despotism and liberalism! Hannitize me!"

UPDATE: Just taking a glance at the people looking for a Hannidate, it looks like most of the guys are more used to spending the evening at home whilst Hannibating over a picture of Ann Coulter.

(How could I have missed that obvious pun before? Apologies to our family readers - relax, I'm sure the FCC will have jurisdiction over this blog soon enough.)

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