Sunday, February 08, 2004

Media Admits it Screwed Dean 

Now that the one truly establishment-challenging candidate has been all but eliminated from the race, the media admits that it overplayed the infamous "scream" speech.

From the AP story:

"[Dianne] Sawyer reported that Dean was using a special microphone that night that filters out crowd noise to heighten his voice; other videotapes taken illustrate that his 'scream' was barely audible to his live audience.

To Trippi, Sawyer's report felt like a Super Bowl referee admitting -- after the game -- that he blew a call that decided the outcome."

Except, of course, that a referee has a split second to make a call in a Super Bowl - or at best a few minutes to review a replay. The media played this story out over the course of a week.

Also, if a referee blows a call in the Super Bowl, someone loses a football game rather than millions of Americans losing the chance to obtain health insurance.
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