Tuesday, February 24, 2004

More From Sully 

Andrew Sullivan approvingly posts this e-mail:

"We've witnessed a shift in Republican politics. The Republican establishment used to pay lip service to religious conservative interests while openly courting independent voters with moderate policies because it knew it could get the religious conservative vote regardless (who were they going to vote for, Clinton!?). But now, it seems Bush is paying lip service to independent interests while openly promoting religious conservative policy. Who are we going to vote for, Kerry?

Well, yes."

Sully's been great today - but please. His faux-surprise at this development is pathetic. How in our lifetime have the Republicans only paid "lip service" to religious conservatives? By demanding the appointment of pro-life judges? By appointing Thomas and Scalia to the Supreme Court? (Both find Justices who anyone - including readers of this very blog - would be lucky to clerk for, but certainly darlings of the religious right.) By almost passing a ####### flag burning amendment (thanks Democrats)? By passing the Defense of Marriage Act (thanks Democrats)? By appointing John Ascroft? By having their Presidents never utter the words "gay" or "homosexual" in public - even when a plague is destroying the gay community?

The Republican party has done much more than pay lip service to religious conservatives - indeed, the Republican party needs religious conservatives in order to stay in power. It will give them whatever they want. To act shocked about it now is just sort of weird.

Finally, Sully quotes another heartbreaking e-mail...

"I organized my life around four institutions: my family, the Presbyterian Church, the Boy Scouts and the Republican Party. They summed up what seemed to me a sensible view of life and the world, embodying loyalty, unconditional love, a quiet, thoughtful exercise of faith, a commitment to ethical behavior, and a limited government that did the things it needed for the public good but otherwise left people alone to be all they could become and savor the victory of having done so.
Then I came out, and one by one those four institutions turned their backs on me."

Go to his site and read the whole thing. What's wrong with people?
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