Sunday, February 08, 2004


I guess I'm the only person in the world who thought Bush did a pretty good job on Meet the Press this morning. I thought he was very convincing when he talked about the war in Iraq - so much so, that it reminded me why I supported the war in the first place (though torturedly!). Everything was going very well for him, until he was asked "was it worth the lives of 500 Americans to get Saddam out of power"? At first, I thought he was going to knock this out of the park - but then he just started repeating what he had said before.

The rest of the interview was pretty bad - but no worse than anything we'd seen before. People don't seem to care that he just doesn't have a firm understanding of even the major issues facing the country (or, if he does have such an understanding, he is far from able to articulate it). But I think he does understand the war in Iraq, and he also came across as genuinely believing that he did the right thing.

Of course, there were plenty of terrible things about the interview but, as I've said, we've heard it all before and nobody seems to care.
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