Thursday, February 12, 2004


Michael Novak has possibly the most offensive comparison ever on The Corner today...
I was overseas on September 11, 2001, and when I saw the first plane coast quietly into the World Trade Center, I thought it was a freak accident. When the second plane hit, I knew instantly it was war.

When I saw Howard Dean suddenly implode on a clear day, I knew it was from dirty tricks, in the usual run of things, plus his babbling mouth. When I see the second tower suddenly implode, John Kerry, I wonder who could be behind these TWO 'assassinations.' Who could be clearing the way for whom?

Suppose it had suddenly become clear that Bush COULD be beaten this year. Who then would want to get into the race, if only the way were not blocked?
Oh, and if you're a normal person who doesn't routinely read such conservative idiocy, you might think he's insinuating that Bush is behind these tricks. After all, that would make some sense, given that Bush is scheduled to run against the Democratic nominee in November. You'd be wrong.

Give it up people - SHE'S NOT GOING TO RUN.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Corner has taken this post down. Well, it shall remain here for posterity's sake. Incidentally, it was titled "Two Towers Fall Again."
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