Monday, March 29, 2004

Bush's WMD Jokes 

At the risk of becoming Mickey Kaus (i.e., an alleged Democrat who only attacks Democrats), can I just say: has there ever been a stupider "controversy" than the mini-brouhaha over Bush's jokes about looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction at the White House Correspondants Dinner? I'm not sure.

Anyway, today I heard Kerry make a snide remark about Dick Cheney coming out from his undisclosed location. However, everyone knows that Cheney actually went to an undisclosed location after September 11 - because there had just been a terrorist attack on our country and there was genuine concern that further attacks could be launched against the Executive Branch. Therefore, I assume that Kerry must think that terrorism and possible Presidential assassinations are funny, in fact, he may as well go piss on John F. Kennedy's eternal flame.

Of course, that last paragraph was stupid, but no more stupid and pointless than trying to generate controversy over a few harmless jokes. Can we please, please stop trying to suck anything remotely real and interesting out of our political discourse?
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