Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Campaign Finance 

Mark my words, we will all come to regret that stupid campaign finance reform act that was passed a few years ago. See this.

You know, when we were having our pissing match on here about Scalia and Thomas the other day, Goldberg and Guthrie forgot to praise them for their vote against this bill. I do so now.

However, as Goldberg pointed out to me yesterday, it is impossible for anyone to be against this bill because John McCain is for it. (The media generally cite McCain's support of something as proof positive that it is a good idea.)

Also, just so conservatives don't get excited, I support full public financing of all campaigns - and if your opponent spends his or her own money, you get to match it with public funds. OK, I just made that last part up. Also, I support forcing the networks to provide free air time, etc. Also, I support a government program to solve all my problems.

Back to horrendous document review.

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