Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Constitution Schomnstitution 

According to the Washington Post (as linked to by Andrew Sullivan), the Republicans are planning to schedule controversial Senate votes in order to force Kerry (or Edwards) into unpopular liberal positions.

Among these votes could be the ever popular, and beyond idiotic, flag burning amendment. I guess this is how the Founders envisioned the Constitutional Amendment process - to be used as a political wedge issue in Presidential election years.

As much as I usually enjoy watching Republicans do terrible things that confirms my suspicions of them, I genuinely hope that this is not true.

UPDATE: Actually, Sully's take on this is better than mine (shockingly, since he gets paid to do this):

"Flag-burning, fag-burning. Anything for a few votes. And what's really amazing is how cynically these alleged conservatives use the Constitution itself for their partisan ends. One word: sickening."
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