Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Libya, Part I 

I was watching 60 Minutes II tonight - and they interviewed the "prime minister" (actually, an economic advisor) and one of Gadafi's sons (one NOT killed as a baby by US bombs and apparently the heir apparent).

Well, you know the typical Republican line? We went to war with Saddam; Gadafi got scared; so he agreed to stopped his WMD program. The media trumpeted it: see here (and note how the spirit of the headline is not backed up by the substance of the story - Gadafi just acknowledges that the war played some role in his decision). Looks like someone forgot to tell these two: both of them said they began reaching out to the US two years ago - because the sanctions imposed on their country were making any WMD program insanely unprofitable.

I haven't studied Libya extensively - and frankly I trusted both these guys about as far as I could throw them. (Even in full US-ass-kissing mode, the son was unable to say that he had forgiven the US for killing his two year old sister.) But right now, wouldn't it be in their interest to make Bush/the U.S. look as good as possible?
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