Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Libya, Part III 

The below talk about Libya just makes me thankful for the fatal blow the Libyan's WMD program took in the mid 1980s, when they lent plutonium to an American scientist only to have him and his wise-cracking side kick use it to build a time machine.

Of course, I'm sure in 2024 plutonium will be available in every corner drug store. But in 2004 it's a very rare substance.

I only pray that in the future we don't become assholes or something.

[If they ever remake that movie in 2005 and Bush is reelected a good scene could take place in 1975 between Marty and Doc.

Doc: OK - who's president in 2005?
Marty: George W. Bush.
Doc: George W. Bush? The coked-up son of the former chairman of the Republican party?
Marty: Doc!
Doc: And I suppose Timothy Leary is secretary of state! So long, future boy...]

For me, this would almost make a Bush reelection worth it.
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