Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I Don't Think This Would Work 

Jonah Goldberg, today, approvingly posts the following comment from a reader:
The problem with Kerry is that he doesn’t want to admit he was wrong. I agree with the guy in the New York Observer today. If he said I was 25 and stupid that would be the end of the story. Aren’t we all stupid at 25? And this is why he isn’t connecting with people. Elites feel like they are perfect and have the answer for all of the world’s problems and therefore cannot have any themselves. The people I hang with laugh about the stupid things they did when they were young. Come on admit it! You were an idiot too. It’s okay. It’s normal.
John Kerry, on Meet the Press two weeks ago, talking about a comment he made in the early 1970s in which he said the United Nations should have control of U.S. foreign policy:
KERRY: That’s one of those stupid things that a 27-year-old kid says when you’re fresh back from Vietnam and angry about it. I have never, ever, ever, in any vote, in any policy, in any speech, in any public statement advocated any such thing in all of the years I’ve been in elected office.
David Broder, analyzing this response by Kerry:
Over the course of the hour, Kerry struggled to explain why he had once—decades ago—advocated placing U.S. forces under the direction of the United Nations…
That's right, smart Corner reader, the reason this is a story is because Kerry won't admit he's wrong. He never admits he's wrong - like all elites. (I won't even bother to note that George Bush has NEVER admitted he was wrong, and in fact couldn't answer a question about mistakes that he's made during a press conference.)

ADDED LATER: I should note that I got the Kerry and Broder quotes from this Daily Howler. And I changed the title from I Don't Think That Would Work to I Don't Think This Would Work.
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