Wednesday, April 28, 2004


OK, apparently the National Review wants Bush's slogan to be:

Don't Vote for Kerry: He Did Not Serve Honorably in Vietnam and Has Close Ties to Enron.

In fairness, unlike the Vietnam attacks, I'm not sure if this line of attack is actually coming from the Bush campaign. (Some of the Vietnam comments came from Karen Hughes herself.) And the point isn't that Kerry can do whatever he wants because Bush's ties to Enron were worse. But it just goes to show the trust that the Bush campaign has in the press and the American people to NOT think about what he's saying. Sadly, he may be right.

(In fairness again, there were those who attacked Bush in 2000 for his lack of service and his wayward youth - an odd thing to do when the Vice President of a known draft dodging, blow job in the oval office loving President like Bill Clinton was running against him. But I can't recall the Clinton people - much less the Gore campaign - ever attacking Bush on sexual or draft issues - because this would have made little sense in context. So why is the Bush campaign getting away with doing this?)
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