Friday, May 07, 2004

Plan of Attack 

I flew home last night, and started reading Plan of Attack on the plane. Remember when Ted Kennedy got in trouble when he said George Bush made up this war in Crawford, Texas. Well, by all accounts, that's exactly what he did.

I should have more thoughts on this next week - but nothing as good as what the Daily Howler has been saying about the book lately. I strongly encourage every American to go through the Howler's archives and in order to understand what a strange, strange book this is. Basically, the non-reported story of the book is that Cheney changed the U.S.'s policy in Iraq in a speech without first telling the President. Or, since this is absurd even for Bush, the whole book is a big fucking lie.

I'm not reading it to find out what really happened. What I am reading it for is to find out what a bunch of people in the administration want me to think happened.
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