Friday, May 07, 2004

"So, uh, any of you ladies watch Fresh Prince Bel-Air?" 

I was, for some reason, watching E! last night, and there was a preview for a show about people and places that famous movies and shows were based on. They will interview, apparently, the guy who Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was based on.

How would you like to be this guy? What is it like, having this be your one claim to fame? And would you brag about it at bars? While hitting on women? And how would you try to weave it into the conversation naturally?

"I'll tell you what man, you're a real prince. Speaking of Princes..."

"Hey, lady, you're dressed well tonight... I bet you put as much thought into your wardrobe as Hillary on Fresh Prince. Remember her brother..."

"Man, this is about as fucked up as the time they randomly changed the actress who played Will Smith's mom. That reminds me..."

Or, you could just wait until E! inevitably interviews you.
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