Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Tillman Editorial 

Good God, Foxnews is STILL running a report on that UMASS student paper editorial on Pat Tillman on its front page. I also saw a story on the same editorial last night. What in the hell is the big deal? One student at UMASS said something dumb in an editorial in a student newspaper. Obviously, by running it over and over again, Fox is trying to suggest that it somehow represents the thought of many people in this country - namely, those on the left, more specifically, Democrats. Of course, it does not.

And yet, Ann Coulter, an open racist, continually writes columns like the one we linked to a few days ago. Ann Coulter does, in fact, represent the view of a large numbers of Americans - namely, Republicans. Why isn't the so-called liberal New York Time running stories on Ann Coulter every day? Why isn't ABC News doing a special on her? Could it be that because when one person expresses an opinion, however outrageous, it really isn't news?
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