Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Andrew Sullivan 

BTW, Sully's been great on the torture issue - see his blog generally.

I'm on a pro-Sullivan kick lately. I really feel bad for the guy - he genuinely believes in the conservative ideals of low taxes and small government, and is very supportive of the war in Iraq and Bush's approach to the war on terror. He doesn't approve of the fact that the only party that supports these ideals also uses and inflames bigotry against homosexuals in order to maintain its power. I think he spends a lot of time blinding himself to this fact - or desperately trying to convince himself that this really isn't a big deal. That's why so many of his posts are absurd. But I find his honesty about that conflict enlightening - I would imagine that any decent human being who shares his conservative ideals must have similar feelings.

Will any Republican have the courage to launch a campaign against that wing of their party? Some may say this would be cutting off your nose to spite your face (or something like that); I would compare it to cutting off your gangrene infested hand to stop the infection form poisoning the entire body. But that's just me.

UPDATE: God, I watch Foxnews too much. Do you see the stupid error in what I just wrote? I equate the Iraq war and "Bush's approach to the war on terror," and possibly insinuate that they should be analyzed together. But, in fact, they are not the same. Bush's approach to the war on terror is exactly what any President - Republican or Democrat - would have done. His war in Iraq was something else.

My point really was that Sullivan, obviously, believes the war in Iraq. And he does think it's part of the war on terror. But that doesn't mean that we should analyze them together, because it's just not.
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