Friday, June 18, 2004

The Corner 

The response from the Corner.
My reaction isn't particuarly special or unique, is it? How could it be? I am livid and repulsed again--photos are circulating again of an American beheaded, his detached head is resting on his body. I am reminded again, in this terrible way that every American is at war right now. George Bush didn't make that choice. The bad guys did. And they will keep killing us. Second guessing the liberation of Iraq isn't going to save American lives, only resolve, clarity, courage, and sacrifice will.
I actually didn't need a reminder that we are at war with Al Qaeda - I can still remember the time that they flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. What this has to with the war in Iraq, I'm not sure. Katherine Lopez's first reaction to this horrible picture is to immediately defend the war in Iraq and attack the war's opponents. Well guess what? This wasn't their fault. It wasn't anyone's fault, except the "people" who did this.

(Also, second guessing the liberation of Iraq would save American lives if the critics were correct, this war has nothing or little to do with the war on terrorism, and getting us to leave as soon as possible and avoid engaging in a similar war would refocus the military's efforts on the war on terror.)
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