Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Read This 

Read this post on Talkingpointsmemo, and read the Post article it links to.

I know many of our readers, a literate bunch, have already read this article (from last Sunday). Some haven't. Remember, when you read it, that this is not an opinion piece - it is a news story/news analysis. And, remember, as The Daily Howler points out, that it is still full of lies about Al Gore and Democrats in general. Yet, despite all of this, the point of the article is clear: the Bush campaign is running more negative, untruthful ads than any campaign in history.

Congratulations, Republicans. You must be really proud of him. I am glad that you brought a sense of decency and honor back to the White House after Clinton sullied it with his blow jobs. It would really be awful if the world looked at our leader as a liar; if the President taught our children that at certain times it was OK to lie. That would be really terrible.
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