Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Moore at Convention and an Emotional Rant 

I am of two minds about the decision to allow Michael Moore to sit near President Carter at the convention.

On one hand, it makes me seriously question the wisdom and judgment of John Kerry and every single person at the DNC who is serious about electing John Kerry president. This is a deeply divisive figure, with a history of distorting the truth who, as I have previously argued, is in no small part responsible for Bush winning in 2000. It seems not all that dissimilar to the RNC allowing Ann Coulter to give lap dances to Gerald Ford during Nancy Reagan's speech. (Or, more accurately, to the RNC placing Rush or Hannity or Coulter in any sort of prominent position at their convention.)

On the other hand, it at least shows some sort of attempt to reach out to a large, disaffected part of the Democratic base - some of whom have never forgiven the Democrats for the rightward march of the Clinton administration and some of whom have not forgiven Kerry for beating Howard Dean.

(Does anyone care at all that Nader is highly likely to tip a key swing state or two - again? No? Just me?) (Of course the Democratic party's very liberal response is to try to keep him off of ballots - that's a great message to your base - we won't give you what you want, but we will try to make it so our candidate is the slightly least crappy one available - oh, and here's Michael Moore sitting next to Jimmy Carter... enjoy!)

I am busy and this makes no sense. I actually did enjoy the convention last night - but I still believe there is something deeply and fundamentally wrong with the Democratic party. Why do we worship the man who is MOST responsible for Democrats losing control of Congress and the courts after thirty years? Because he can talk well? Why do we worship the man whose face fucking made it possible for George W. Bush to come into the White House after 8 years of peace and prosperity? (There's a better answer to that... because of the 8 years of peace and prosperity.)

I should be a team player like Dean. Sorry. Go Kerry.
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