Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bill O' Is This Really Worth It Any More? 

Bill O'Reilly has said something very stupid.

His Talking Points Memo from a few days ago starts off with the intriguing question:
The USA dominating at the Olympics, but why?
Why indeed. Basically, the answer is because Americans are achievers; we encourage people to succeed; in general we are better than other people. Fine. I agree, I guess.

Before we move on to this next point, you should know a little background. O'Reilly has recently been focusing his no-spin brilliance on the Canadians. He dislikes them, and if Canada grants asylum to two U.S. Soldiers, he may even propose a boycott of Canada.

His next point is this:
In other countries, the emphasis on self-reliance has been beaten down by nanny states and entitlement cultures. Just take a look at Australia and Canada, for example. The Aussies have 20 million people to draw from. Canada has 30 million. Yet the Aussies have 35 Olympic medals, Canada just five.

"Talking Points" believes this is reflective of the systems in those countries. Australia is a place where self-reliance is emphasized and competition is celebrated. Canada has become increasingly socialistic, as big government programs ensure everyone is marginally taken care of. I may be wrong here, but I see the entitlement culture as a force against self-discipline and motivation.
Remember, more people choose to get their news from this man then any other cable new source.

Apparently, however, Canada's socialistic, big government society must move to Australia during the winter... look at these shocking numbers from the 2002 Salt Lake Games:
Canada: 6 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 8 Bronze Medals, 17 Total Medals

Australia: 2 Gold Medals, 0 Silver Medals, 0 Bronze Medals, 2 Total Medals.
Will those commie outback freaks ever teach their people about self reliance?

Are there any other possible reasons that explain Canada's relative lack of success in the Summer Olympics as compared to the Winter Olympics other than the welfare state?

Is it worth asking how already-Factor-boycotted France has somehow been able to pull itself out of its O'Reilly-caused recession to win 27 medals?

Is there anything funnier than Bill O'Reilly saying "'Talking Points' believes...."?
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