Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Fight 

I needed a break at work, so I thought I'd take on a Corner post. Kathryn Lopez didn't disappoint...

I'm on some annoying Kerry-Edwards e-mail list for donations and nonsense. The e-mail that just came in has the subject line: " What we're fighting for: health care." Yep. That's the war. Over health care. Can we please lay off the war/battle analogies while we're actually fighting a war against people who WANT US DEAD RIGHT NOW?
I sent her an e-mail with the following.
Ms. Lopez-

With regard to your "Kerry's War" post, I found the following after searching for the word "fight" on the Bush/Cheney web site. I look forward to another post along these lines.

President Names Leader in Global Fight Against AIDS

President Helps Communities Fight Illegal Drug Abuse
"There's another war at home, too, and that's to win the war against the scourge of drugs..." George W. Bush
(This only 3 months after 9/11.)

Mrs. Bush Salutes Those Dedicated to Alzheimer's Fight

"The fight against domestic violence is a national movement. I urge people to join the movement. Part of an awareness month is not only making people aware, but a call to service." George W. Bush
I'll let you know if she responds.

UPDATE: Before I actually sent the e-mail, I realized another reader had already made the exact same point. DOH!
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