Monday, September 27, 2004

Lowry on War 

Rich Lowry begins a post on The Corner with the following:
One thing I was struck by listening to Allawi last week was how often he referred to “tribes,” the tribes of Fallujah, the tribes of Najaf, etc, etc. It made me realize how little any of us “generalists” sitting here in the US really understand of what's going on in Iraq. What do we know about how a tribal society operates?
So after supporting an invasion of a country before it took place and after continuing to support if for two years after it took place, he now admits that he knows very little about the country that we just invaded and the society that we are trying to reconstruct. It's actually a good point - but shouldn't we have figured this out BEFORE we decided to invade Iraq? Shouldn't Lowry have figured it out before he decided to support the war?
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