Friday, September 24, 2004

A More Controversial Stand 

Below, I insinuate that John Kerry is responsible for killing Americans. Here, I shall take an even more controversial stand: Eddie Murphy should have won an Oscar for his performance in The Nutty Professor.

I was watching this last night, and he is incredibly funny. He also brings real life and heart and dignity to Professor Klump and Buddy Love. The Academy always overlooks comedic performances, usually choosing to bestow an Oscar on whoever best portrayed a disabled person. (Indeed, the year that Murphy played Klump Geoffrey Rush won for Shine.) (Geoffrey Rush - a very good actor - also got an undeserved Best Supporting Actor nomination for Shakespeare in Love. I thought the nomination should have gone to Tom Wilkinson for the same film.)

Also, I hadn't remembered until last night that Dave Chapelle is in The Nutty Professor: he plays the stand-up comic. God, he's funny.

I think this movie will always be Murphy's best performance as an actor. Obviously, nothing in the world could be funnier than Murphy in 1980s. But The Nutty Professor is sort of the film in between Murphy as vulgar comedian and Murphy as star of every Disney family movie. He's really at the top of his game here; since he can't rely on some of the humor he used in his usual R-rated films, he has not rely purely on talent, and he has an endless supply of it.
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