Thursday, September 02, 2004


I was too disgusted by the revolting display by Zell Miller yesterday to post anything about it - and I still am. I would recommend you read, again, Andrew Sullivan's thoughts on the matter. (I'm really on an Andrew Sullivan kick today.) I do think yesterday was a disaster for the GOP - in that, Miller and Cheney's speeches did nothing to appeal to swing voters, and while they may have excited the Republican base, they likely did more to excite the Democratic base.

I thought today went much better for the Grand Old Party. Bush's speech was coherent and rational - and actually pretty good towards the end. I don't think it was spectacular by any means, and he looked absolutely terrified when those protesters started causing a hubbub. I would also point out that, with a few notable exceptions, Bush's speech steered away from the outright lies and deceptions that dominate the Republican talking-points these days. The Bush people have mastered this art for at least four years now - they never let Bush himself get involved with the scum that is the main thrust of his campaign. We, on the other hand, cannot grasp this actually very easy to understand concept - tonight, Kerry attacked Dick Cheney's record during Vietnam.

I thought before and think now that Bush will get a bounce from this. Something very good better happen at these debates, or the liberal blogging community is going to have a lot of great material for four more years.
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