Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why does George W. Bush enjoy the deaths of police officers? 

As you may know, Congress recently let the 1994 assault weapons ban expire. More than two-thirds of the country support the ban. It was very easy to predict - even a year ago - that this would happen. Why aren't Democrats talking about this and only this? Why didn't the Kerry campaign immediately have ads ready to go? Why aren't we injecting this talking point into the media?
Here is the ad I would run:
NARRATOR (a woman): At his convention, George W. Bush bragged about how he stood on the graves of hundreds of police officers and firefighters. (Shot of Bush during 9/11; scary music.)

COP: (being interviewed) I think leadership is about more than slogans... it's about doing the right thing.

NARRATOR: George Bush stood with our police officers when they were dead.... (shot of Bush at World Trade Center

COP: Sure, I admired the President that day...

NARRATOR: But now, George Bush stands by while the leaders of his own party allow a ten-year old bill banning assault weapons to expire...

COP: (tearing up) My first partner was killed when he was shot in the chest with an assault weapon. (silence, while he cries.)

NARRATOR: George Bush - he stood by our cops when they were dead. Why won't he stand by them when they're alive?

COP: (shaking head) I just don't understand it...

NARRATOR: This message was paid for by Police Officers for Sensible Gun Control (or some such group.)
Unfair? Probably. Full of provable falsehoods like the Swift Vote ads? No. (I promise a crying cop whose partner was killed by an assault weapon could be found.) Effective? Probably.
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