Friday, October 01, 2004


Over at The Corner, Rich Lowry says maybe the stupidest thing I've ever read in my entire life.
One Democratic spin that I don't think will work is the `Al Gore’ attack. The annoying aspect of Gore's sighs and expressions of exasperation was that they seemed so incongruous with his tree-like personality...almost as if he had spent time in front of the mirror practicing his "irritated loook (sic)" thinking that it might make him appear to be the alpha male he so wanted to be.

But Bush last night, on the other hand, seemed genuinly (sic) annoyed, as if he didn't give a hoot whether there were cameras on him or not he was downright perturbed. In that sense his irritation, I think, will be percieved (sic) as Millerish (as in Zell) rather than Gorish (as in Al).”
Someone forgot to turn on their spell check! (As a terrible speller, I refuse to pass judgment. It's the stupidity of the thought that caught my eye.)

On the other hand, Jonah Goldberg points out the absurdity of the mystical summit that John Kerry seems to think will end all of our problems in Iraq:
Oh how our troops must be hoping against hope that we get a change in Washington and get that summit! I'm sure today in mess halls and fox holes from Basra to Baghdad the men are a-chatter about how the guy who voted against sending them body armor is -- if elected, fingers crossed -- going to hold a summit.
I have no idea when this summit will take place, who will be there or what will be said.
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