Friday, October 01, 2004

Media Bias 

If you want to understand media bias, this (from a Tim Graham article on The National Review) says it all.
Shortly before the debate began, Newsweek national editor Jon Meacham suggested on MSNBC that journalists are tired of Bush being in the lead, and so will try to narrow the race. Meacham foresaw "the possibility that President Bush has peaked about a month too early. Because we all need a narrative to change." Chris Matthews asked: "Is that your prediction?" Meacham replied: "I think it's possible that we're gonna be sitting around saying, 'Well you know Kerry really surprised us.' Because in a way the imperative is to change the story."
They're not pro-Republican or pro-Democrat. The media is pro-media, and the media wants a story to tell. It sells papers and increases ratings. This is a horrifying admission from a Newsweek editor; and it was exactly this mentality that led to Bush's improbable win in 2000.

UPDATE: Of course, Graham follows up with this absurd argument:
But remember, journalists aren't in favor of changing the story because it makes good copy. They're in favor of changing it because it gives their candidate a better chance of winning.
If you can't see that the media favored Bush in 2000, then I feel sorry for you.
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