Friday, November 12, 2004


Here is what the Democratic party should stand for:

(1) Old people shouldn't live in poverty, so we should make sure Social Security is strong.

(2) Everyone should have access to some sort of health care in America.

(3) We need to take care of the environment so we don't die and so we have woods to hike and hunt in.

(4) Abortion should be safe, legal and rare.

(5) We shouldn't go to war unless the goals are clear and we can win OR we are under a direct and imminent threat.

(6) We shouldn't make other countries angry at us unless it's absolutely necessary to protect our own interests.

(7) The government shouldn't spend money it doesn't have.

(8) Rich people should pay more taxes than poor people.

(9) The government should leave guns in the country alone, because they are good and are used for hunting.

(10) The government should regulate gun ownership in big cities, because they are bad and are used to kill cops.

(11) Gay people are not a threat to anyone; if a state wants to let them have civil unions we should let them.

(12) Big corporations should not get special tax breaks.

(13) Congress should not listen to corporate lobbyists more than it listens to average Americans.

(14) The government needs to make sure that the Homeland is secure.

In general, the government should make sure we're respected and feared abroad, should enforce reasonable laws that make sure we all get along, should make sure our constitutional rights are protected, should makes sure nobody is starving to death or dying when they shouldn't be, should provide the same basic services it's provided for years, and should otherwise leave us the hell alone.

Put more simply:

(1) Protect the Homeland.

(2) Protect the environment.

(3) Go to war as a last resort.

(4) Protect Social Security.

(5) Support better Health Care.

(6) Keep abortion safe, legal and rare.

(7) Gun rights are for hunters, not for killers.

(8) The rich should pay their fair share.

(9) Working people deserve an equal voice in government

(10) Balance the budget.

This is my first attempt at crafting a simple message that could win. Let me know if you have any thoughts.
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