Tuesday, November 16, 2004

There's Going to be Some Pissed Off Kids on December 25th 

Bill O'Reilly is supporting two projects this holiday season. One of them is not like the other.
Also -- and this isn't ridiculous -- more than a million people have gone so far to the Wounded Warrior Project for information. You remember last week I told you and then Tony Snow told you on Friday that this is the most worthy of causes, helping soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan readjust to civilian life here in America.

We have two projects this holiday season: helping the Wounded Warriors and getting "The O'Reilly Factor for Kids" to as many children as we can because it will help them immediately. Parents and grandparents, please take note. So you can get information about both the Wounded Warrior Project and "The Kids" book on billoreilly.com.
So one of his projects is to help soldiers. The other is to sell as many copies of his book as possible. Awesome.

(FYI, Goldberg, December 25th is a reference to the Christian holiday of "Christmas", which traditionally involves an exchange of gifts.)

(Read a hilarious review of The O'Reilly Factor for Kids here.)
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