Friday, November 12, 2004

A Vast Wasteland 

To paraphrase an colleague of mine - Newt Minnow - what a vast wasteland of idiocy cable television news is.

I am sitting on the couch flipping channels and saw two things:

(1) On Keith Olbermann's show, he apparently has a weekly segment wherein he interviews Nick and Amy about last week's The Apprentice. I'm all for entertainment news to take our minds off our troubles, but are you telling me that with, you know, a war going on the best use MSNBC has for this prime time segment is a ten minute ad for a reality show? What a fucking joke.

(2) Can someone explain to me how it is that we live in a country where Mark Fuhrman gets to be some kind of expert on stuff? I saw him - where else? - on Fox News and I've seen him before. The man's claim to fame is (1) fucking up a murder investigation so that a guilty man was allowed to go free and (2) being racist. Is he some sort of a folk hero or something?

I am dumber for having spent 2 minutes watching cable news tonight.
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