Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Us 

It was one year ago today - on a particularly slow day at the office - that Goldberg and Guthrie was born. Here is our first (and still probably best) post:
The cover of Sean Hannity's new book seems to indicate that Sean Hannity will personally deliver us from the evil that is the Statue of Liberty.
Since that day we have expanded our base of readers to 10, and hope one day to approach the elusive "20" barrier. The blog has gone up fairly consistently, given that we are both doing deals or being big-time litigators. (Both of us have taken extended breaks at one time or another - I haven't posted in a few weeks, for example.) Still, we have succeeded in our goal of running a blog; and it's probably slightly more useful to the world than Goldberg and I just e-mailing back and forth all day.

Of course, in one way, this blog and all liberal blogs are utter failures, given that we have failed completely in turning back the tide of the conservative takeover of our country. But hopefully the blogs have started a movement that one day can match the Republican machine - the talk radio; Fox News; etc. Democrats and liberals need to understand exactly how it is that the Republicans are able to speak to their base; and we have to learn how to do it effectively and, more important, honorably and truthfully. Our job is harder. They can simply make up whatever facts they want to rile up the conservative base. Country full of Christmas decorations? Christmas trees everywhere you look? Everyone gets a day and probably two off for Christmas? Country 95% Christian and Christians control government? Doesn't matter - Christmas is under attack by secular liberals, Jews, gays and atheists.

You can't build a machine that can spread that kind of a lie overnight; and it's going to be even harder to build a machine that can spread complex truths - like the idea that social security isn't failing and that privatized won't help it. Hopefully, the liberal blogosphere is starting to do that. And, hopefully Goldberg and Guthrie has played a role - however minusucuely small - in the effort.
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