Monday, December 06, 2004

Long Time 

A few thoughts:

(1) How about those Bengals?

(2) When experiencing the requisite anger over these awful abstinence-only programs, try to remember under whose Presidency the federal government started funding them. Hint: it's safe to say he didn't follow the precepts of these programs in his personal life. I guess that's how Democrats are supposed to appeal to the heartland, by lying to kids about condoms.

(3) I haven't been posting lately, in part because I've been sort of getting into it in the comments on this pro-life blog. See these two threads, and click on the comments. Some of them don't make all that much sense; it's difficult to argue. And if you go there please be civil if you post any comments.

(4) Back to the Bengals... they really looked good on Sunday - although I suspect that next week, when they have to play at New England, we Bengals fans will be quoting Mace Windu (as played by Samuel Jackson) in Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones. "This party's over."
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