Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Wacky Catchphrases 

Oh, those wacky witsters at Fox News. It seems that they've taken a break from covering the war on Christmas, and have decided to review this year's "Wacky Catchphrases." That's a quote from the headline - by the way - it's a "list of the wackiest catchphrases we found ourselves actually saying in '04".

The first of said "wacky catchphrases" is "You're fired." OK - this makes sense. Another one is "wardrobe malfunction" - OK, that's sort of funny.

But one "wacky catchphrase" is "flip-flopper." What the fuck? Here's what awesome writer Jennifer D'Angelo has to say:
He really, really didn’t want this nickname (and even tried to joke his way out of it during the debates), but thanks to Team Bush, John Kerry became inextricably associated with a plastic beach shoe. And his detractors had a lot of fun using the term over — and over — and over again.
First of all, this isn't a catchphrase - and I don't think it could be called wacky. Second, this term wasn't invented in 2004 - it's been used against every Democratic who's ran for President since 1992. Third, only a fucking moron would include this on a list of "wacky catchphrases we found ourselves saying in '04."

I'll note this last one without comment.
Last but not least … Deaniac: The unique term for a person — read: liberal, under 30 and politically active — who was excited by Howard Dean's campaign for the Democratic nomination. But Dean proved to be a bit of Deaniac himself in his infamous “I Have a Scream” speech, and now he may be going to New Hampshire ... and South Carolina ... and Oklahoma ... but only on vacation.
I hate the world.
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