Sunday, January 30, 2005

Democracy - Never Done Anything Bad 

I was just watching Fox News, and some female anchor (I think her name may have been Martha - but don't quote me on that) was interviewing James Rubin - Clinton State Department spokesman - about the elections in Iraq. Rubin was expressing the view that Iraq is still a dangerous, potentially unstable situation.

The anchor then asked something along the lines of, "but Mr. Rubin, has a democratic election in history ever led to anything except positive developments for the region?"

Mr. Rubin said, "well, Hitler."

Anchor: "No, I said democratically elected governments - Hitler wasn't democratically elected."

Rubin: "Yes, he was. So was Milosevic."

Just to recap, an anchor on the most-watched cable news network apparently thought until today that no democratic election in history had ever resulted in anything bad. I guess that help explains how 59,054,087 people can be so dumb.
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