Thursday, January 20, 2005

E-mails from John Kerry 

I assume most people who read this blog are on John Kerry's e-mail list. Here is my gut reaction to the e-mails they continue to send.

Why does this loser continue to e-mail me? Why would I sign a petition urging that Rumsfeld resign and Rice not be appointed Secretary of State? Thanks to your inability to beat a man who can only barely form complete sentences, George Bush can appoint whoever the hell he wants. You are not a spokesperson for me anymore - you are one of a long line of losers who, in ten years, have made sure that Democrats have no power on the federal level. It will be a very long time before I can look at you in any other way. Go away.


As is my wont, I am elevating some of the comments (which have been edited for length by me), because I think it is a good discussion.

Reader RD says:
Seems rather unfair. Yes, the e-mails are ridiculous, but it's a good thing that Kerry isn't going away. He's a fairly powerful senator, and the party needs him... [T]urning on our candidates when they lose close elections doesn't help [D]emocrats to attain federal power.
Reader JK says:
[T]his is the stupidest thing you've ever written. I agree with RD, we can't turn on our own, especially not when there's such an absolute dearth of Democrats in Congress willing to stand up and challenge the administration. Only Boxer and Kerry voted against Rice...

I give Kerry a lot of credit for not curling up and crawling away like Gore did. He was an honorable man who made a true commitment to serving this country who I actually think ran a decent honorable campaign... The GOP did a phenomenal job of using their incumbency to scare the living shit out of this country, the media bought into that hook line and sinker, and there's very little Kerry or anyone else could have done to change that.
I respond with an unfair attack:
Remember when John Kerry voted for the war because it was popular then was against it when it wasn't popular anymore? That was awesome. I wonder how many people are dead because this great leader of our party didn't bother to lead an anti-war movement when it might have mattered...

The Democratic party in general should be ashamed of its conduct leading up to the war in Iraq; I am ashamed of my own behavior during that time.
And JK responds thusly:
I think branding him a loser is completely and utterly unconstructive. I do not think just because he lost we should beat the crap out of him and force him to leave the herd to die a lonely death. What's the point of that? And when so many other Democrats are abdicating their role as a legitimate opposition party... I don't understand why you would attack one of the few who stands up and objects... Your attack concerns me because it's only motivated because he's drawing attention to himself by doing what nobody else is doing - speaking out.
I respond below, but I'll give reader JK the last word on the blog proper for now. Read the comments to see the colorful language I've edited out (which was odd of me to think I had to do given the Corey Dillon post from Sunday).
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