Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fox News 

... is awesome. This morning I was watching their fair and balanced coverage. Their introduction to the next story was something like this... "Alberto Gonzales: why are Democrats trying to prevent the nomination of the first Hispanic Attorney General?"

As a Democrat, I can answer this question quite easily. I fucking hate Hispanics. I hate them all. That is the only reason I have any qualms about Gonzales being Attorney General. I would rather be paraded around on a leash while naked and humiliated than see a Hispanic raised to the level of attorney general. I would rather be tied naked to a wall while a dog barked at me and threatened to bite me than let a god damn formerly poor Hispanic person be Attorney General. I would rather have wires attached to my genitals than have a Hispanic attached to the Department of Justice.

I'm just somewhat embarrassed that the ace reporters at Fox News are finally on to us. Looks like we might actually lose the Hispanic vote next time.
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