Friday, January 07, 2005

Liberal Conspiracy! 

The liberal bias continues unabated, and only brave heroes like Bill O'Reilly are there to fight it for the folks. From yesterday's Talking Points Memo, entitled - hilariously - The Left-Wing Media Kicking Some Proverbial Butt...:
Today across the country, the left-wing media in a seemingly coordinated effort, attacked the nomination of Alberto Gonzales to be the new attorney general. "The New York Times" ran a front-page torture story and two anti- Gonzales op-eds. "The Washington Post" ran a front page torture story and an anti-Gonzales editorial. "The Los Angeles Times" ran a torture story and an anti-Gonzales editorial. "The Boston Globe" ran a torture story, as did "The Chicago Tribune."

In addition, the far left Web sites took out ads that blamed Abu Ghraib, among other things, on Mr. Gonzales. All of this happened on a single day. Can you say coordinated attacks?
I would have to agree with that. The fact that new organizations and political web sites just happened to choose the day of Alberto Gonzales's confirmation hearing - of all days - to publish information relating to Alberto Gonzales proves that there is a conspiracy amongst the nation's newspapers to destroy George Bush and his administration.
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