Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Lost Thread 

I liked it well enough. We're starting to get into "Aragorn over the cliff" territory - i.e., too many "fake deaths." Still, this fake death served a purpose - but it's power was sort of undercut by the Charlie near-death two episodes ago. Am I alone in thinking that the show would be better if Charlie had died? I wonder if they were going to kill him but kept him on because he's popular with the ladies.

On another note, I really hope that Locke turns out not to be a bad guy - the episode with his flashback was so powerful, and it would sort of be ruined if he was bad.

(Most of the fake deaths in The Lord of the Rings were taken from the book - and Frodo after the spider bite is a major plot point. I don't know why they had to add one in the movie. I sort of like a few in those movies, because in my opinion it's setting you up for the realization that Frodo has been slowly dying the entire time.)
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